Celebrate at a weekend service.

When combined, God’s group and God’s gifts can create a powerful gathering! And nothing short of God’s power displayed in the lives of people is the expectation at First Family. Our weekend services will always be one of the bedrock tools of our outreach and inreach, the place where we can bring in those to whom we’ve been reaching out. Our worship gatherings are formatted for greatest effectiveness in three areas: 1) worshipping God 2) communicating Scripture, and 3) motivating people to take the next step. Doing all three constitute our one goal during the worship service.

Grow in a small group.

The best way to get the most out of First Family is to join a Lighthouse Group. This ministry is the small group arm of FFC, and it is the primary avenue for a deeper connection to this local body. It is in a Lighthouse that you form the meaningful relationships needed during times of celebration and crisis, as well as the accountability necessary for sustained life change. In addition, participating in a Lighthouse is one of the best tools for outreach and evangelism. Truly, the community of First Family is best seen and felt in a Lighthouse.

However, other equipping classes and adult ministries exist, and can help you “learn the ropes” of small groups at First Family. Some of these meet after church, others on a weeknight, some during the day. Though each may have different expectations and hold their own unique appeal, each can help you grow and prepare you for interacting in a Lighthouse.

Serve on a ministry team.

Serving in ministry not only builds our spiritual muscles but also broadens our impact and outreach. Whether teaching children in Sunday School, feeding the homeless in Des Moines, or digging wells in Zambia, serving is a fundamental way to spread the Gospel. That’s why First Family encourages everyone to use his or her spiritual gifts for the good of the body of Christ here and around the globe. You can scan through a list of available FFC ministries in which you can invest near the back of this guide.