The Elder’s role is to assist the Lighthouse Leader in shepherding the spiritual needs of the people in the small group by responding to major life emergencies and praying for them as well.

Lighthouse Leaders

The Leader’s role is to extend the pastoral ministry of our church by providing a context in which to apply God’s Word so that growth, care and relationships may occur.

  • extend” – Moses and Jethro in Exodus 18:17-23
  • provide” – More than just Sunday morning.  Facilitate. Acts 2:46, 4:32-35, 5:42, Rom 16:5, Col 4:15
  • apply” – to explore more deeply the teaching next (or from) Sunday morning
  • growth, care and relationships” – growth in the knowledge of the Word, caring for each other and deepening friendships.

Lighthouse Member

The member’s role is to attend a small group and participate in growing in the knowledge of scriptures, caring for others and establishing healthy, life-long relationships.