Lighthouse Ministry is the hub of the ministry at First Family. As a leadership team, if we had to counsel a family to choose between attending a weekend service or a weekly Lighthouse, we would encourage Lighthouse participation. It’s that critical. Discipleship and spiritual growth happen within the safe environment of a small group of people praying for one another, holding each other accountable, studying the Bible together, and fellowshipping together.

To help enhance the shepherding and care of our church family, there needs to be a strong channel of communication between Lighthouse Leaders and our Elders. To help facilitate stronger communication, we use the following feedback forms:

  • Weekly Attendance & Prayer Form—this will be part of our new FFC Connect, and online community for First Family. In addition to maintaining your group rosters, leaders will be able to easily communicate with their group members, maintain a calendar of group-related events, and easily communicate via feedback forms with their assigned elder.
  • Quarterly Group Feedback Form—this form is completed by Lighthouse members and will provide each leader and their elder feedback on the overall health of individual groups.
  • Elder Evaluation Form—this form will give the Lighthouse leaders the opportunity to provide timely feedback to their elders regarding the personal mentoring relationship between an elder and his assigned group leaders.

Samples of each form are available in the “Resource” section of this notebook.