Thank you for serving as a Small Group Leader or Co-Leader at First Family Church! As a Group Leader or Co-Leader, you will be viewed by those in your group as a leader in the church. As a result, we ask that you enter into an accountability relationship with the other key leaders at First Family by making the following commitments:

  1. I will embody and reflect the values and principles of First Family Church and will follow the leadership of the Elders as they follow the Lord Jesus.
  • I agree with and support the doctrinal statement of First Family church.
  • I agree with the Core Standards for Small Group Ministry at First Family.
  • I agree with the necessity of living a pure life and will participate in a mentoring relationship with my assigned elder with the other leaders Small Group Leader Cluster.
  1. I will faithfully attend a Celebration Service and:
  • Intentionally identify and greet those in my Small Group.
  • Participate in the church through my financial giving.
  • Lead my group in serving together once a quarter.
  1. I will make my Small Group a priority by:
  • Faithfully scheduling and leading a regular, weekly meeting of my Small Group.
  • Preparing beforehand for my group each week.
  • Inviting/welcoming others to join my group.
  • Actively seek to involve and mentor a co-leader.
  1. I understand that I am responsible for the care and shepherding of my Small Group. As a result, I will:
  • Pray for the individuals in my group.
  • Follow up with each person in my group.
  • Lead my group in providing care for one another.
  • Keep the Elders informed of any pastoral care needs within my group.
  1. I will strive to create an environment of unity and growth in my group by:
  • Involving as many people as possible in group discussion.
  • Creating a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment.
  • Beginning and ending on time.