Each week we will publish a newsletter designed to help you get into the text for the week. The purpose for The Compass is based in a key principle for spiritual growth–there is great advantage to immersing yourself and your family in the Bible text that will be the source text for the weekly message. By spending a few minutes with The Compass during the week, you will arrive on Sunday morning fully prepared and equipped to dig deeper into the meaning and application of the given text.

Each week, the title of The Compass will coordinate with the sermon title for the weekly sermon along with the assigned Bible text.

The Compass will be published one week in advance, so you can pick up a copy while you are at church, download a copy from our website, or receive a copy via email each Monday morning.

There are several parts to The Compass that will help you discover the meaning of the text, apply it to your life, and help you teach it to your children. Let me briefly explain each section and how to use it within your personal devotional life:

  • Introduction Article–each week The Compass will have an article (like this one) that will provide a brief overview of the weekly theme and the Scripture we will look at. Use this to help get context and initial understanding of the Bible principles encapsulated in text and the sermon to follow.
  • Encounter God’s Word–this is an opportunity to read through the Bible text we will focus on each week and begin to meditate on it. Each week’s Scripture will usually be relatively short. Use this as an opportunity to read the text several times. Look for words or phrases that stand out or that you have a question about, and circle these or underline them in the text.
  • Enquire the Meaning–we will provide some basic questions that will help you begin to study the text inductively. Focus on the Five Ws and the How of the text (who? what? where? why? when? and how?). When you complete the questions, take a minute to write a brief summary paragraph. This will help you cement the meaning of the text.
  • Explore the Commentaries–each week we will provide some basic explanation of the text from a commentary or two. Commentaries are biblical reference guides that offer insight and explanation on the Bible. For the greatest benefit, explore the commentaries after you do your own inductive study.
  • Daily Bible Reading Plan–First Family has a comprehensive Bible reading plan that will lead you through the entire Bible in a year. You can pick up a printed copy at the literature display near the front door, or you can download a copy by going to www.ffclife.com/biblereading. To help you stay connected, we have included each week’s assigned Scripture reading as part of The Compass.
  • Word Search Puzzle–this is a fun way to focus on the key words used in each week’s text. The puzzle is geared for kids of all ages.
  • Connect the Family–to help parents disciple their children, we have provided a simple page of interactive teaching that includes a brief devotional, a memory verse, and some basic questions for elementary-age children. Use this page to lead your family in a family devotional time two times each week.
  • R2R Distinctives–you will find R2R Distinctives woven throughout our teaching. These include 10 Core Beliefs, 10 Core Practices, and 10 Core Virtues that every believer should know and pursue.

If you would like The Compass delivered each week to your email box, you can subscribe here.