1. Is There No God? (2 Kings 1-2). Though the nation continued to spiral, God continued to speak. And he ultimately did this in his Son, Jesus!
  2. Do You Trust God? (2 Kings 3-4). Belief in God is not what defines a child of His, trust does. And trusting children live every day aware of their utter dependence on Him.
  3. Will God Save Anyone? (2 Kings 5). God loves all peoples, and saves anyone who trusts in Him alone.
  4. Do You See What I See? (2 Kings 6-7). It’s what we don’t see that enables us to understand what we do see.
  5. Is Judgment Coming? (2 Kings 8-10). When you see God’s judgment delayed, don’t jump to denying it, but instead see his patience on display.
  6. Is There Any Hope? (2 Kings 11-13). Our only hope in life and death is that we belong by grace through faith to God and our Savior Jesus Christ.
  7. Does Prosperity Equal Godliness? (2 Kings 14-15). Success and prosperity are immaterial. What really matters is godliness, and godliness is “long obedience in the same direction.”
  8. Is God’s Judgment Justified? (2 Kings 16-17). Understanding that God’s wrath and justice are always deserved helps us remember that God’s mercy and grace are always undeserved.
  9. Who’s On the Throne? (2 Kings 18-20). Our actions aren’t first, and neither are they final. God was, is, and will be on the throne, forever culminating it all to the glory of his name.
  10. What Does God Require? (2 Kings 21-23). The Lord is not after behavior modification; He requires radical obedience of the heart, which only comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
  11. Why Did This Happen? (Series Summary).


Here are the audio sermons from the series “The Kings and the King (Season 4): 2 Kings: