Below are the take home truths from each week’s episode of “The kings and the King: A Study of 2 Samuel” taught at First Family Church. Use these to review the key lessons learned during this teaching series.

How the Mighty Have Fallen

2 Samuel 1:1-27

Take Home Truth: Pride plays no favorites. It cripples and ripples without regard to position, power, or past.

Civil War and Sovereignty

2 Samuel 2-4

Take Home Truth: God used everything that happened to lead them to their king.

The King That Points to the King

2 Samuel 5

Take Home Truth: Our ultimate hero in every way is none other than Jesus, the perfect fulfillment of God’s promises and victorious fighter for God’s people.

The Casualty of Casualness

2 Samuel 6

Take Home Truth: It is necessary to fear God rightly in order to worship Him properly.

The Covenant with the King

2 Samuel 7

Take Home Truth: Then, now, and forever God will keep his promise to his “Son” and all who are in his kingdom are securely kept and eternally blessed.

The Graciousness of the King

2 Samuel 8-10

Take Home Truth: God’s grace comes to our souls in the middle of his wrath upon our sin, and both are seen in our beautiful Savior Jesus Christ.

The Sin and the Sins, Part 1

2 Samuel 11:1-12:25

Take Home Truth: It is inevitable: We will reap what we sow. Yet, God’s grace is unfathomable: We can be forgiven and restored, even in the middle of painful and long-term consequences.

The Sin and the Sins, Part 2

2 Samuel 12:26-15:37

Take Home Truth: Consequences are the undertow of sin that eventually affect both others (12-13) and ourselves (14-15).

The Sin and the Sins, Part 3

2 Samuel 16:1-19:8

Take Home Truth: While consequences are the undertow of sin that eventually affects both others (12-13) and ourselves (14-15), they never ultimately override God’s will (16-19).

The Hard But Holy Work of Restoration

2 Samuel 19:8-21:22

Take Home Truth: The way through division and to restoration begins and ends with humility.

The True King of Israel

2 Samuel 22:1-23:7

Take Home Truth: It is God’s character and covenant that bring about deliverance for God’s people, and declaring this in word and action is our rightful response.

Where Judgment Ends

2 Samuel 23:8-24:25

Take Home Truth: When we sin, our only hope is in the LORD’s mercy for we do not deserve His forgiveness, however He freely gives it to all who contritely ask Him for it.