Our Lighthouse Ministry is a key component of our discipleship process at First Family. At the same time, grow group leaders are many times on the frontline of meeting the shepherding needs of our church family. There are times when the needs of a group require more focused attention when it comes to group studies and discussion.

To help meet this need, our elders have developed Growth Tracks available to our Lighthouse Leaders. Using the resources available via RightNow Ministry, we have curated a list of Video Bible Studies to address the needs of FFC’ers as the need arises. We are looking at this as a pilot project, an opportunity to experiment with a new way of helping the families of our church grow to become stronger disciples living out biblical principles in our community.

Growth Tracks FAQ

How Does This Work?

As a Lighthouse Leader, you begin to discern a need for some biblical teaching on a focused area. For example, perhaps the families in your group are struggling with transitioning from parenting elementary-age children to teenagers. To help better shepherd your group, you can present the option of going through one of the studies on parenting. This can be a win-win for your group!

What About the Curriculum the Church Provides?

We will continue to provide weekly curriculum to coordinate with our teaching series. In fact, this is the preferred emphasis for all of our groups. We believe in-depth Bible Study is the best way to grow and disciple our families. The video studies should be looked upon as a short-term option to address specific shepherding needs in your group.

How Do We View RightNow Media During Our Group Time?

To effectively use a video study, you must show the video on a large-screen television. We recommend a screen-size of at least 32-inches. Do not use computers or tablets to show a video series to your group. The screen is too small, and the audio will not be clear enough for all to hear and understand.

If you don’t have a streaming option on your television already, you will need to get a device. Here is a link to all of the streaming devices that support RightNow Media.

What If One of the Selected Bible Studies Doesn’t Meet Our Need?

The elders have worked hard to select options for most needs that will arise within a group, but we cannot address every need. If you have a need not addressed, and you find a study on RightNow Media that you would like to offer to your group, you must get pre-approval from your elder before showing the study. This is important: while RightNow Media is a great service, it does offer studies we would not agree with at First Family. Failure to get pre-approval from your elder before leading a Bible Study that is not on the approved list will disqualify you as a leader.

What if Some In Our Group Are Not Interested In the Video Study?

Your responsibility as a leader is to shepherd your group. Unfortunately, this means you cannot leave some behind so you can address specific needs of others in your group. RightNow Media is available free of charge to anyone who attends First Family. Any individual or couple can participate in a video study via RightNow Media. If you sense some within your group have a need that cannot be addressed with the whole group, use this as a shepherding opportunity and either recommend the video series to those in your group or set up a separate time to meet and go through the study.

How Do I Plan A Video Study When They Vary in Length

We list the length of each study in weeks to help you with your planning. There are 15 weeks in the Fall Semester, with two of those weeks already designated for church-wide activities. We provided a “Semester Planning Form” to help you outline your semester. For example, if the video study you want to lead is only six weeks long, you can plan to use the church-provided curriculum in the beginning and then insert your 6-week video study at the appropriate time in your group. A few of the studies are more advanced and will spread over the entire Lighthouse year. Again, as long as you know this up front, you can plan accordingly.

How Do I Prepare to Lead A Video Study?

As you review the various options, you will see that some of the teaching lessons are rather short (10 minutes) while others are lengthy (40-60 minutes). Obviously, it takes more preparation to lead a discussion around a 10-minute video compared to a 60-minute video. We have training that will help you facilitate a good discussion. If you select to lead your group through a video study, please contact Chris, and he will point you in the direction of the training.

Also, several of the studies have a downloadable leader’s guide to help in preparation. As you review the various options, this will be one aspect to look for if your time is limited and you will need help facilitating a good discussion.