Shoe Leather Theology (Study of James) Cover Page

Shoe Leather Theology (Study of James) Cover Page



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Week 1: Introduction to James

Week 2: The Trouble with Trials (James 1:1-12) The trouble with trials is they require a response we don’t normally give and wisdom we don’t naturally have.

Week 3: The Gift of Trials (James 1:13-18) Trials, God’s gift to mature us, can become a temptation, Satan’s tool to deceive us, if we stop trusting God under it and start blaming God for it.

Week 4: Spotlight: Job on Trials (Job 1:1-2:9) Trials, God’s gift to mature us, can become a temptation, Satan’s tool to deceive us, if we stop trusting God under it and start blaming God for it.

Week 5: How Do I Know If I Have Received the Word (James 1:19-27) Receiving God’s Word means I will respond to it calmly and humbly (my ears and mouth), taking action to obey it tangibly and purely (my hands and heart).

Week 6: The Problem with Partiality (James 2:1-13) Shoe-leather theology means, because I trust God completely, I will love others impartially, treating them in a manner based upon God’s values, not man’s externals.

Week 7: Faith That Dooms You to Hell (James 2:14-26) “Good works are evidence of saving faith in Jesus.”

Week 8: Spotlight: Abraham: A Working Man’s Faith (Genesis 15) “Saving faith is at work when our confidence in God’s promises results in obedience to His commands.”

Week 9: The Power of the Tongue (James 3:1-12) “Your little tongue has great big power, so use it carefully, constructively, and consistently.”

Week 10: What Wisdom Wears (James 3:13-18) “To tame the tongue requires Godly Wisdom; a destructive tongue is clear evidence of Worldly Wisdom, and therefore, a counterfeit faith.”

Week 11: Spotlight: Paul On Words (Ephesians 4:29)

Week 12: Winning the War Within: Part 1 (James 4:1-6) “The war with pride is seen externally, birthed internally, but won divinely.”

Week 13: Winning the War Within: Part 2 (James 4:7-12) “In order to fight the war with pride, we must humbly submit to God and show compassion to others.”

Week 14: Winning the War Within: Part 3 (James 4:13-17) “To fight pride and embrace humility, I will refer to God’s will, defer to God’s will, and prefer God’s will.”

Week 15: Winning the War Within: Part 4 (James 5:1-6) “Much like how you use words (4:11-12) and how you plan (4:13-17), how you use money (5:1-6) reveals who you trust—proudly in riches or humbly in God?—and anything other than humble trust in God will ultimately leave you bankrupt.”

Week 16: Spotlight: Jesus on Money “Since we have everything in Christ, money and possessions are tools not our treasure.”

Week 17: The Beautiful Reward of Pursuing Patience (James 5:7-12) “Patience is pursued best when the Lord’s return frames our perspective, for then and only then will all be settled by our Righteous Judge.”

Week 18: Spotlight: Paul on the Coming of the Lord (1 Thessalonians 4:11-5:9) “The certainty of Lord’s return ‘comes along side’ God’s people and enables them to grieve with hope for those ‘asleep’ and live with purpose as those ‘awake’.”

Week 19: The Power Of A Praying Church (James 5:13-18) “Our dependence on God is most consistently demonstrated when we pray, both in the good times and the bad times.”

Week 20: Elijah On Prayer (1 Kings 18-19)


Week 21: Bringing Back the Wandering Brother (James 5:19-20) “My theological conviction should lead to relational compassion, for that kind of shoe-leather impact has internal, eternal, and external results that are good for the church and glorify God.”

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