This summer we will offer a companion study via The Compass to First Family’s teaching series from three of the Minor Prophets–Hosea, Habakkuk, and Malachi. The Lord has impressed upon me as I have prepared for this series the reality that God does indeed judge the nations, and this certainly includes the United States. In addition to the teaching from the Minor Prophets during our weekend messages, The Compass will include the serialized book of When Nations Die: Ten Signs of a Culture in Crisis by James Nelson Black. Originally published in 1994, this book provides insight into the signs of God’s judgment on a nation. As you will see as you read this book this summer, we are experiencing in 2015 many of the signs Dr. Black predicted in 1994.

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America On the Brink

The tensions in the world today are only an indication of the deep turmoil in our souls. The American people have come to a moment of crisis like no other in our history. We are being pressured by educators, intellectuals, and political elites into experimenting with new ideologies that are not only revolutionary but alien to our fundamental beliefs. We have every reason to worry about things such as multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness. We should be concerned about rising immorality and the signs of a growing disrespect for human life. It is high time we expressed concern for the collapse of law and order. Conditions like these have contributed to the demise of nations throughout history.

As I have looked back across the ruins and landmarks of antiquity, I have been stunned by the parallels between those societies and our own. For most of us the destruction of Carthage, the rise of the Greek city-states, and the Fall of Rome are mere ghosts of the past, history lessons long forgotten. And such things as the capture of Constantinople, the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, the collapse of the kingdoms of France and Spain, and the slow withering decline of the British Empire are much less clear and less memorable. Most of us do not remember much from our history lessons about the French Enlightenment or, for that matter, the issues that led to the American Revolution. But this is the legitimate background of our culture. If we are to grasp the importance of our own place in history, it is vital that we reconsider the nature of life in those earlier times. For within those eras and movements are the seeds of the troubles we face today.

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Series Resources

Overview of the Minor Prophets

The Basics

For the Diligent Disciple

  • Purchase a 1-1/2 Inch Three-Ring Notebook
  • Inductively Read and Mark the Text
  • Study the Text using the Wide Margin Scripture Marking Sheets for Inductive Study
  • Memorize Each Week’s Memory Verse (pdf)
  • Purchase a Commentary (recommended commentaries listed below)


Recommended Commentaries

While there are seemingly countless commentaries on the Minor Prophets from a wide variety of authors and theological backgrounds, below is a list of suggested commentaries that provide solid, meaty teaching without digging too deeply into the technical aspects of the text.

  • The Minor Prophets: An Expositional Commentary (J. M. Boice) |
  • Holman Old Testament Commentary (Vol. 1) – Hosea-Micah (T. C. Butler) |
  • Holman Old Testament Commentary (Vol 2) – Nahum-Malachi (S. R. Miller) |
  • Notes on the Minor Prophets (H. R. Ironside) |
  • The John Phillips Commentary Series – Exploring the Minor Prophets: An Expository Commentary (J. Phillips) |

Technical Commentaries

The commentaries below provide a much more technical perspective on the biblical text, and are useful for solid exegesis and study in the original Hebrew.

  • Word Biblical Commentary: Hosea-Jonah (Vol. 31) |
  • Word Biblical Commentary: Micah–Malachi (Vol. 32) |

General Bible Surveys

At the conclusion of the Overview to the Minor Prophets podcast, Carlos mentioned the following general surveys as a good place to start when studying the Minor Prophets:

  • ESV MacArthur Study Bible |
  • A Survey of the Old Testament (Hill & Walton) |
  • The Prophets of Israel (Wood) |
  • A Survey of the Old Testament (Archer) |