Jesus: Loud & Clear; Front & Center (Hebrews)

The Confidence the Covenant Keeper Brings

March 8, 2015

Group Resources

March 8, 2015 

Hebrews 10:19-26

This Week’s Take Home Truth:

The priesthood of Jesus enables us to confidently approach God and lovingly encourage one another to good works.

This Week’s Resources:

Why do we participate in a local church, in our case First Family Church? Hopefully, it is because we want to worship our Lord and Savior in a corporate setting, and grow in our faith and understanding of the Bible and how it relates to our lives, and because we want to reach our community for Christ. (We summarize this as Celebrate, Grow, Serve).

Still, for many in the American Church, it’s all about what the church can do for them. There is even a great parody video on YouTube promoting a “new album of worship music”—It’s All About Me! You can watch the video here: 

 In this week’s lesson, we will look at the importance of fellowshipping together, and how we can keep our focus on what is important and away from what is not. There are some timeless truths in this week’s text from Hebrews that will help us as we celebrate, grow, and serve together for the glory of God.


  • Looking back at your notes from this week’s sermon, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?
  • When in your life did you “hang in there” the longest in the face of an extremely difficult situation?
  • Who has encouraged you the most in the last six months?

Read the Text (Hebrews 10:1-18) 

 The writer to the Hebrews has just given us a strong, healthy dose of theology, and now he turns to a more practical, pastoral application. With right theology in mind, the writer wants us to now live our lives with the kind of outward authenticity that can only come from a pure, clean conscious of a born again child of God. At the center of this encouragement are three commands that are built around the three great pillars of the New Testament–faith, hope, and love. Read Hebrews 10:19-25. 

Digging Deeper

  • Can you share a time when a fellow believer encouraged you and motivated you on to good works?
  • It is not uncommon for men and women who profess to be Christians to declare they no longer participate in a local church. What are some reasons Christians disassociate from the church?
  • How do you personally feel about going to church or involvement in Christian groups?
  • What has helped you keep a positive perspective about church and the people you fellowship on a regular basis?
  • What do you think the writer is referring to when he references “the house of God” (v. 21)?
  • What are the three commands given in Hebrews 10:22-25?
  • William Barclay sees three practical applications in these verses 24-25 that show how we should live our lives with others in mind rather than living a “me focused” life. Can you identify these three applications?

Concluding Thoughts

  • What is one small project you could complete today to encourage a Christian friend to persevere in his or her faith?
  • What can you do differently in your devotional times this week to “draw near to God”?
  • Can you think of one lesson from this week’s sermon or group time that gives you hope for the future as a child of God?