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Lighthouse Leaders,

The International Dinner is just around the corner, on the last Sunday of GO Month, October 26th.  Here are a few items to help you and your Lighthouse prepare. Please don’t miss the “We need your help” blurb at the bottom!

The basics

Like previous years, we would like each Lighthouse to adopt a country and bring food from that country to share with the church potluck style.  We would encourage you to use this as an opportunity to research a bit about the country and spend time praying for it with your Lighthouse and family.  Decorations for your table are also encouraged.

A couple of important logistical items

  • Each Lighthouse will set up their food/decorations on a rectangular table around the perimeter of the gym area.  The church is short on rectangular tables, so please bring one if you have one.
  • Also, there are minimal power outlets available, so crock pots, etc. should be minimized.  Please bring extension cords if you need power.
  • Church will open at 4pm for your Lighthouse to setup.  Dinner will start at 6pm.  Planning to be done around 7:30pm.
  • Would love for a couple Lighthouses to volunteer to own the clean-up.
  • Drinks and dinnerware are provided.

A new twist this year!

After the dinner, instead of a program, we will have an opportunity to bless our GO partners.  A table will be set up for each FFC GO Partner, and each Lighthouse will be asked to go to the table of the GO Partner that they have adopted.  If you haven’t adopted one yet, then this will be a great time to pick one!

At each table, there will be a picture of the GO Partner, the latest newsletters, prayer requests, paper/pens/crayons, etc.  We would like the first 15 minutes be devoted to group prayer for the GO Partner.  The next 15 minutes should be devoted to blessing them in tangible ways.  There will be paper/pens to write encouraging notes/verses.  We will also have a special table for kids to make stuff.

There will also be Christmas gift ideas (supplied by the GO Partner) of things you can purchase and bring back to the church in 1 week.  Alternatively, you can also donate money that night to go towards the gift ideas.  The GO team will be assembling all of these letters and gifts and making sure they get to each GO Partner.

We are really excited about this new twist…. please help us generate excitement by talking about this with your Lighthouse.

We need your help

We need 1 Lighthouse leader per GO Partner to step up and say they will facilitate this after dinner activity.  The responsibility is pretty small.  You would simply be expected to facilitate the group prayer time and then the letter/gift time.  No prep work is required.  All the materials and ideas will already be set up for you at each table.  Please email David Davenport at if you would like to volunteer for this.