Twice each year, we seek to evaluate our Lighthouse Ministry and make necessary improvements over the summer months. Your feedback is vital to this effort. As our current Lighthouse Leaders, you sit in the driver’s seat of your group, and you have a good idea what works and what doesn’t work.

As part of this process, we use three brief surveys:

  • Elder Evaluation Form – this is your opportunity to provide direct feedback to the elder who oversees your Lighthouse.
  • Lighthouse Evaluation Form – this form will be sent out to our church family next week and will provide feedback for those of us who lead a Lighthouse.
  • Sermon Series Evaluation Form – this form provides direct feedback regarding the teaching series at First Family and helps our teaching team improve in our style, methods, and overall communications during a teaching series.

Please take five minutes and complete the Elder Evaluation Form and the Sermon Series Form. I would like each leader to complete these by the end of next week. 

The Lighthouse Evaluation Form will go out to the church early next week, and I will compile and forward the results to you by the middle of to end of June.

Thanks for helping us improve our Lighthouse Ministry at First Family!