Here is the curriculum for the week of May 4. Our topic is “God’s Will, God’s Gifts, God’s People (Part 2)” and our text is Acts 21:7-16.



  • End of Season: Our Lighthouse season is coming to a close. Remember, the week of May 18 is the last regular week for Lighthouses. If you plan on continuing to meet this summer, you will want to begin thinking about what you would like to teach. If you need some suggestions, let me know. 
  • Has Your Small Group Become a Large Group? Have you reached a point where you fear your group is getting too large? Now is the time to begin talking with your group about forming another group. You should have a co-leader in your group who is ready to take a portion of your existing group and start a new group next fall. Visit with your group now to get their feedback. Remember, healthy groups stir the pot and keep new people coming into their group on a regular basis. If you need some suggestions on how to form a new group with a part of your existing group, please see me.
Overview of This Lesson:

This is week two of our mini-series, God’s Will, God’s Gifts, God’s People based on Acts 21:1-16. Last week, we examined Paul’s conviction to stay on course in spite of strong warnings from his friends. This week, we examine the role spiritual gifts play in the local church body.

For a variety of reasons, there is a lot of confusion surrounding spiritual gifts within the church. To help clarify where First Family stands on the teaching of spiritual gifts, we are providing a handout this week called “Understanding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.” You can access a copy of the handout online [click here].

The focus of our lesson this week is to help guide our church family through what the Bible teaches regarding spiritual gifts. The commentary following each question should provide you with sound, biblical information as you guide your Lighthouse through this discussion.

The objective of this lesson is to help people begin to explore how they are gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve others in the local church, and to be obedient to the Lord’s leading and get engaged in serving.

As a reminder, First Family offers a complete class on spiritual gifts called Wired. Taught by Tim Coleman, one of our elders, Wired leads participants through a complete teaching on spiritual gifts and helps them identify how the Holy Spirit has uniquely qualified and gifted them to serve. Watch the Worship Folder for information on the next session of Wired this summer.

Upcoming Dates

Here are some upcoming dates that may affect Lighthouses this semester. Keep these on your radar.

  • Travis Walker: Youth Director Candidate Visit—May 2-4
  • Utah Missions Team BBQ Fundraising Dinner—May 4
  • Mother’s Day—May 11
  • Graduation Sunday—May 18
  • Spring Lighthouse Season Ends—May 23
  • Labor Day Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—May 26