Here is the curriculum for the week of April 6. Our topic is “You and Your Church: Leadership (Part 2)” and our text is Acts 20:17-38.



  • Important: Easter week, which includes Palm Sunday, April 13, and Easter Sunday, April 20, we will not provide Lighthouse Curriculum. We will take a break from our study of Acts these two weeks in order to focus on an Easter themed study from the book of Luke. Plan accordingly. I encourage you to give your Lighthouse the week of Easter off given they will participate in various Easter-related activities at the church. You will also have your Fireside Chat in the month of April. If needed, use one of the lessons provided for the week you have your Fireside Chat.
  • Seder Dinner Reservations: Our annual Seder Dinner will be held on Thursday, April 17 at 6:00 pm. Due to limited seating, tickets are FREE, but required. You can reserve your place today by going to our website and completing the reservation form. If you have any questions, contact the church office.
  • Remind your Lighthouse members that each week’s Lighthouse discussion is based in the same text as the weekly message. It is important to listen to each week’s message (they are available online if needed), and to take good notes.
  • Review your calendar for the next month. Easter is the week of April 14-20.
  • Your Elder will begin contacting you in the next couple of weeks to setup your Spring Fireside Chat sometime in April.

Overview of this Lesson:

This is week two of our look at Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian elders are recorded by Luke in Acts 20:17-38. Our focus this week is on the last half of this passage, verses 28-38.
Last week, we examined Paul’s character and his humility as a leader, and this week, we look more specifically at the role of elders within the church.

The emphasis of this lesson is to help draw a biblical portrait of an elder. Unfortunately, many in today’s church see pastors and elders as hard-driving, CEO types who lead like a Marine Drill Sergeant rather than how the Bible portrays leaders. We will see that the Bible’s picture of a godly leader is a shepherd. In this lesson, we will help our members understand why God’s sees leaders in His church as shepherds, and how shepherds should function within the local church.

Sermon in a Sentence

“As the Lord Jesus builds his church, it is necessary for church leaders to model an unwavering allegiance to the gospel and embrace their essential role to care for and protect God’s church.” 

Upcoming Dates

Here are some upcoming dates that may affect Lighthouses this semester. Keep these on your radar.

  • Fireside Chats—April 1-30
  • Easter Experience—April 13-20
  • Easter Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—April 21
  • Mother’s Day—May 11
  • Graduation Sunday—May 18
  • Spring Lighthouse Season Ends—May 23
  • Labor Day Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—May 26