NOTE: This week is Easter Experience week at First Family, so our Lighthouse schedule is different. There is no coordinated small group curriculum. Our text this week is Luke 24:1-12.



  • Important: As we celebrate Easter we will not provide Lighthouse Curriculum. We will take a break from our study of Acts these two weeks in order to focus on an Easter themed study from the book of Luke. Plan accordingly. I encourage you to give your Lighthouse the week of Easter off given they will participate in various Easter-related activities at the church. You will also have your Fireside Chat in the month of April. If needed, use one of the lessons provided for the week you have your Fireside Chat. I’ve also attached an optional lesson for this week.
  • End of Lighthouse Season: As we approach the month of May, we will come to the conclusion of our 2013-14 Lighthouse Year. Most Lighthouses will break for the summer starting May 25. We will resume in the fall starting September 21. Our annual Lighthouse Training Event is scheduled for Saturday, August 23.  

Upcoming Dates

Here are some upcoming dates that may affect Lighthouses this semester. Keep these on your radar.

  • Fireside Chats—April 1-30
  • Easter Experience—April 13-20
  • Easter Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—April 21
  • Youth Director Candidate Visit—May 2-4
  • Utah Missions Team BBQ Fundraising Dinner—May 4
  • Mother’s Day—May 11
  • Graduation Sunday—May 18
  • Spring Lighthouse Season Ends—May 23
  • Labor Day Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—May 26