Here is the curriculum for the week of March 30. Our topic is “You and Your Church: Leadership (Part 1)” and our text is Acts 20:17-38.



  • Review your calendar for the next month. Easter is the week of April 14-20.
  • Fireside Chats–Your Elder will begin contacting you in the next couple of weeks to setup your Spring Fireside Chat sometime in April.

Overview of this Lesson:

We will spend the next two weeks looking at Paul’s farewell to the Ephesian elders found in Acts 20:17-38. The focus of this week’s lesson will be on the first 11 verses. Specifically, we will learn about leadership and humility from the picture of the Apostle Paul Dr. Luke paints for us in this text.

The argument could easily be made that after the Lord Jesus Christ, Paul is the second most significant person of the New Testament period. His missionary work resulted in the planting of many strong, regional churches, and his encouragement and shepherding resulted in strong leadership within those churches. It was through Paul that more than half of the New Testament was inspired and put into written form, and it is a direct result of Paul’s life and ministry that you and I know of Jesus Christ and of his saving gospel.

Clearly, Paul played an enormously important role in the First Century church. And yet, the picture Luke provides of Paul in his farewell address to the Ephesian Elders is one of true humility and service.

In our day and age, the words “Strong Leader” and “humble” can seem at odds with each other. Yet, if there is one overriding character quality that seems to be at the root of a godly leader, it is humility.

In this lesson, we will examine the example of humble leadership Paul exhibited and learn how we need to sincerely cultivate a truly humble spirit…not a false sense of humility, but a true, Christlike spirit of humility.

Sermon in a Sentence

“As the Lord Jesus builds his church, it is necessary for church leaders to model an unwavering allegiance to the gospel …” 

Upcoming Dates

Here are some upcoming dates that may affect Lighthouses this semester. Keep these on your radar.

  • Fireside Chats—April 1-30
  • Easter Experience—April 13-20
  • Easter Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—April 21
  • Mother’s Day—May 11
  • Graduation Sunday—May 18
  • Spring Lighthouse Season Ends—May 23
  • Labor Day Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—May 26