Here is the curriculum for the week of February 2. Our topic is “The Immaculate Reception” and our text is Acts 17:1-15.



  • Remind your Lighthouse members that each week’s Lighthouse discussion is based in the same text as the weekly message. It is important to listen to each week’s message (they are available online if needed), and to take good notes.
  • Registration continues for our Marriage Retreat at Honey Creek Resort, February 28-March 1. Our guest speakers this year are Paul & Jenny Sabino. Full details plus registration are available online at
  • Truth Remains–is a museum-quality exhibit will be at First Family Church February 8-9, 2014, and we are inviting not only our church, but the surrounding church community and metro area as well, to come see and handle early translations and rare Bibles. This is an opportunity for families and individuals to get a hands-on peek into elements of Christian history often never seen. Details below:
    • When: Saturday, February 8 (12 PM – 8 PM) and Sunday, February 9 (12 PM – 2 PM). The Truth Remains exhibit will also be available for First Family Church attenders Sunday morning 8 AM-12 PM.
    • What: Guided tours of the exhibits begin Saturday at 1 PM and will occur at the top of each hour till 5 PM. These exhibits and the tours will take place in the café area.
    • An informative and inspiring lecture explaining the exhibits in greater detail will take place Saturday at 6:30 PM in the worship center. 
    • Children below the age of 12 are asked to be accompanied by an adult. 
    • Cost: None. This is a free event.
    • Where: First Family Church 317 SE Magazine Road Ankeny, IA 50021

Overview of this Lesson:

This week’s lesson focuses on two important lessons from Acts 17:1-15. The first concerns Paul’s Missionary Strategy. During the sermon, Todd will reference the similarities we find in the text between Paul’s strategy in Thessalonica and in Berea. In both cases, the missionaries met opposition, the gospel was proclaimed, and they were forced out of town (see the chart on p. 4).

Here are the objectives for this week’s lesson:

• After studying this lesson, your Lighthouse should be able to define Paul’s Missionary Strategy.
• After studying this lesson, your Lighthouse should understand the importance of “being a Berean.”

In the “Read the Text” section of this week’s notes, I’ve provided some extensive commentary by John Phillips. If you don’t want to read the entire commentary, it’s divided by verses, so if there is a verse you need help understanding, jump into the commentary at this point.

Also, throughout the lesson I have highlighted areas of the text that directly address a key question or one of the objectives for this week’s lesson.

Upcoming Dates

Here are some upcoming dates that may affect Lighthouses this semester. Keep these on your radar.

  • Women’s Retreat—Jan. 31 & Feb. 1
  • Super Bowl Sunday—Feb. 2
  • Truth Remains Exhibit—Feb. 8 & 9
  • Marriage Retreat—Feb. 28 & March 1
  • Time Change Sunday (Spring Forward)—March 9
  • Spring Break—March 17-21
  • Easter Experience—April 13-20
  • Easter Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—April 21
  • Mother’s Day—May 11
  • Graduation Sunday—May 18
  • Spring Lighthouse Season Ends—May 23
  • Labor Day Holiday (Church Offices Closed)—May 26