Here is the curriculum for the week of October 27. Our topic is “The Final Step in Missions,” and our text is Acts 14:1-28.


Miniseries: Resolving Everyday Conflict

Starting the week of November 3, we will teach a six-week miniseries on conflict. In our study of Acts, we find ourselves in Acts 15, in which a special council meeting is called in Jerusalem to address a doctrinal issue. The focus of each week’s sermon will address conflict within the church. On a parallel path, our Lighthouses will focus on personal conflict.

The series we are using is “Resolving Everyday Conflict” by Peacemaker Ministries. The series is 8-weeks long, but we will teach it in six weeks. Complete instructions on how we are doing this are included in the weekly email.

IMPORTANT: We are providing two DVDs with the weekly lessons on them for each Lighthouse. If at all possible, please pick up your packet with the group materials for Resolving Everyday Conflict this Sunday. They will be available at the literature display. Any packets that are remaining will be mailed to you on Monday.

Upcoming Dates

Here are some upcoming dates that will affect Lighthouses in the next month. Keep these on your radar.

  • November 3 A Night of Worship–we are asking all Sunday lighthouses not meet that week and to encourage your members to be at the Night of Worship. There will be more information coming.
  • Resolving Everyday Conflict–in we will teach a short miniseries on resolving conflict. The setting for this series is based in Acts 15, which is the Jerusalem Council. While the Sunday sermons will focus on resolving conflict within the church, our Lighthouses will study how to resolve personal conflict. As part of this teaching, we will use a study by Peacemaker Ministries called Resolving Everyday Conflict. This is a video based series, and given all of the conflicts with Lighthouses in November (like the Night of Worship, Fireside Chats, Thanksgiving, etc.), we will have this study available both in our groups and online so if your group members miss a Lighthouse, they can make it up online. There will be a lot more information coming on this, but I wanted you to have a heads up. Again, we are planning to distribute DVDs of the lessons, so you will need to be able to show a video during your Lighthouse.
  • Fireside Chats–your elder should be contacting you in early November to setup a time to come to your Lighthouse for your annual Fireside Chat. If you have any questions, you can contact your elder.
  • Thanksgiving Holiday–November 28.
  • End of Fall Lighthouse Term–December 14.
  • Children’s Christmas Program–December 14  & 15.
  • Christmas Break–December 15-January 4.
  • Begin Spring Term–January 5, 2014.