Weekly Summary

  1. Fall Lighthouse Sign Ups Complete
  2. Lighthouses Officially Begin Sept. 29
  3. Week #1 Curriculum
  4. Unhindered, Part II – Oct. 6
  5. International Dinner – Oct. 9

Welcome Lighthouse Leaders to Leader Insight, a weekly podcast to help you to be in the loop at First Family and to help prepare you for your weekly group meetings.

For those of you unfamiliar with a podcast, consider it like a weekly conversation between you and me that is delivered right to your phone, tablet or computer. Here are some instructions to help you subscribe to the podcast feed. We will also email a link when the podcast is released.

Fall Lighthouse Sign Ups Complete

First, let’s review our Fall Sign Ups. We completed sign ups on Sunday, and you will receive a copy of your sign ups in a separate email. If you haven’t received your email by Sunday evening, be sure to let me know.

These sign ups represent gold. In many cases, you will find a lot of new people to First Family who stepped out of their comfort zone and signed up to be a part of your Lighthouse. Please be sure to contact them by Tuesday of this week. You will need to let all of your lighthouse members know:

  • Where you are meeting (including the address)
  • What time your group meets
  • What to bring for your first meeting (e.g. Bible, food, etc.)
  • If your group provides childcare and for what ages

Enter Your Group Members Into First Family Connect

At the same time, you need to add your group members into First Family Connect. Remember, you can access FFC Connect by going to connect.ffclife.com. I’ve included a link to a five minute video in the show notes that will help guide you through the process.

Once your group members are added into FFC Connect, it will be easy to communicate with them and keep them informed of what’s happening.

If you need any assistance with FFC Connect, you can either click on the “Help” button in the upper right corner of the screen, or simply email me at celler@ffclife.com.

Lighthouses Officially Begin September 29

Officially, Lighthouses begin the week of September 29. Many of you have already started meeting, and that’s great! We pushed back the start date of Lighthouses this year in order to better accommodate the start of our new campus in Bondurant and to give some space between sign ups and when groups actually begin.

Week #1 Curriculum

Week One for Lighthouses is an introductory week. This would be a great week to have a potluck and spend time getting to know each other. There’s no formal lesson week one, but instead, we encourage you to walk your group through what it means to be a part of a Lighthouse and to set some of the ground rules for a healthy group.

Unhindered, Part II – October 6

The Week of October 6, we will resume our study of Acts. Our title for this series is Unhindered: God’s Church Then and Now.

We distributed a sample of what the curriculum will look like at our Annual Training Event in August, but if you need to see it again, here are links to the sample documents:

International Dinner – October 9

Finally, October is GO Month at First Family, which is our missions emphasis month. One of the highlights of GO Month is the International Dinner. Each Lighthouse will have a table during the dinner, and you can select the country you would like to highlight.

Sign up for the International Dinner!