Lighthouse Leaders –

This is the first follow up email after our training event this past Saturday. Thanks to all of you who came and participated. For those who had a conflict, we’ve got the sessions online for you to watch or listen to. Here are the links:

If you need a copy of the Lighthouse Leader Manual (three-ring notebook), there are copies available at the literature display or you can see me.

FFC Connect

Please take a minute and login to FFC Connect and update your user profile in our system. The web address is If you need assistance, here is a quick “Top Ten Ways to Maximize First Family Connect” single sheet guide. As a part of the Lighthouse Leadership Team, you should have received an activation email for FFC Connect. If you haven’t, you can request a password reset here, or you can request a new login here.

Complete Your Group Profile

** Important ** Our Lighthouse Expo will begin on Sunday, September 8. In order to have correct information for your Lighthouse, please take five minutes and complete the Group Profile. This will tell us when you are meeting, where you are meeting, stage of life, childcare, etc.

Click here for the Group Profile form.

Thanks for serving as a part of the Lighthouse Leadership Team at First Family!